Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for In-Home Consultations

1. The in-home consultation is a one on one meeting at the client's home to gather details for an e-design plan or full design services, or the client is just looking for color, decor or space planning suggestions.

2. The in-home consultation is up to 2 hours, any additional time spent will be billed separately depending on scope and need for further consultation.

3. The Client agrees to pay any additional time spent beyond the initial 2 hour home consultation at 75$ per hour prorated in 15 minute segments.

4. Clients interested in purchasing an e-design package, must do so following the in-home consultation, before we can move to the e-design phase.


Terms and Conditions for E-Design

1. E-Design is an online decorating consultation service only. All recommendations are regarded as suggestions to improve the look of your space and not intended for construction purposes

2. Client agrees to provide full information regarding the client’s requirements for the project. Rooms 2 Rooms is not responsible for inaccurate information provided by the client.

3. Rooms 2 Rooms will perform services as expeditiously as consistent with professional skill, care and orderly process of the e-Design project.

4. E-Design client agrees to correspond in a timely manner through online communication (and or phone if client desires).

5. Rooms 2 Rooms will not be responsible for the means, methods or procedures of construction, fabrication, delivery & installation, or safety precautions in connection with the project contractors or for any failure of them to meet any schedules or completion dates.

6. Rooms 2 Rooms cannot be held responsible for arranging repairs, replacement or freight claims for purchases made in conjunction with recommendations for the e-design project.

7. Client agrees to hire any required 3rd party trades companies directly for any services recommended in the E-Design plans, Rooms 2 Rooms will not be held responsible for any dealings with any 3rd party service provider beyond consultations services.

8. Payment in full is expected prior to initiating the design phase of the e-design project.

9. Affiliated links may be included in the client’s final shopping list. This means Rooms 2 Rooms earns a small commission from the client’s purchase at no additional cost to them. (i.e. no mark-ups).

10. Design time is limited to 30 days from the date the package is purchased. If after the 30 day deadline has passed and the client has failed to communicate and finalize the design. Rooms 2 Rooms reserves the right to deliver a final “as is” shopping list with the most recent suggested items. If client desires further revisions after the 30 day window has closed, a fee of $75 per hour will apply.