Rooms 2 Rooms specializes in combining style and function offering customized and personalized single room, multi room as well as whole home projects. Clients may purchase only those services they need most help with from a single in-home Design/Colour Consultation up to full project design and installation services.  

In-Home Consultations

    When you purchase an in-Home consultation you will be directed to set up a client log in profile and answer a short questionnaire. Once we have received your completed questionnaire, we will be in contact with you within the next business day to set up an appointment.

   In-Home Consultation for Design & Colour Advice:
   Clients interested in purchasing an in-home consultation for Design & Colour Advice may do so. We will clarify your needs/goals  for our consultation meeting at the time we make the appointment.

   In-Home Consultation for the Purposes of E-Design or Full Design Services:

   Allows us to obtain all the required information during our appointment for the completion of your design plan(s). Following this appointment we will be able to move directly to the Design planning phase.

    During our visit we will:
    - Review your completed questionnaire
    - Identify the scope & overall goals for your project including: 
    - Functional needs
    - Desired Style by reviewing photos to clarify your preferred aesthetic
    - Budget - Total investment for your project excluding design fees
    - Colour & material options
    - Existing furniture pieces you may wish to keep
    - Other elements and accessories
    - Timeline considerations / possible project start dates 

    We will also take site measurements and photos of your space

    Includes a 2 hour design consultation for $150.00, additional time applied in 15 minute increments depending on client need.

E-Design Services

E-design is an affordable and accessible form of interior design that's carried out online via email and other software platforms. This service gives you an opportunity to transform the look of your home in a way that fits your style, timeline, and budget.

You'll provide information about your project, photos and measurements of the space, and inspiration images, then we will get to work on creating a custom design just for you. With transparent, flat fee pricing per room, you know exactly what you'll be paying up front - no surprises.

When you purchase an E-Design package you can expect:
 - Private online access to your design project
 - A Concept Board with the recommended furnishings, decor and paint colour scheme
 - One on one online or phone consultation until final acceptance of the E-Design plan(s) (up to 3 design revisions)
 - A 3D design board, visualization of what your space will look like with the recommended furniture and decor
 - A floor plan to show a bird’s eye view of the room layout with the furnishings
 - A shopping list with links to purchase the recommended items for your space along with the ordering specifications  
 - Recommendations including Interior design notes & setup instructions if applicable

You can expect excellent and prompt customer services. (Emails or phone calls will be returned within one business day)

Pricing for E-Design Service Packages:

   - Single Room E-Design package $750 plus 5% GST
   - Single Room E-Design in an open concept multi room space $900 plus 5% GST
   - Packaged open concept multi room E-Design package $2000 plus GST up to 500 sq.ft., each additional square foot is $3.95 per square foot, plus 5% GST


Interior Design In- Home Consultation
If you are in the Winnipeg or surrounding area and prefer an In–Home consultation we will obtain all the required information at the consultation appointment for the completion of your E-Design plan.
Online Interior E-Design Services
With 4 do it yourself easy steps

Additional Services

   Tailored to your individual needs, with options to purchase only those areas where you feel you need help with up to full design and project implementation services, including: 

  • Compiling full design plans such as; Floor plans, 3D designs, all fixtures, finishes, paint & colour, SOW for contractors/trades professionals
  • Sourcing contractors/trade professionals on behalf of the homeowner
  • Design management and consultation throughout renovations or new construction, including acting as liaison with contractors/trade professionals 
  • Sourcing and Purchasing all decorative finishes, fixtures and materials not provided by contractors
  • Installation and completion of final design plan(s) 
  Each of the above services can be purchased and is priced separately based on individual client needs and project scope 

 Our goal is to make your design experience a beautiful one  

E-Design what to Expect

   Once we have all the information, we will start working on your design plan. You should expect to receive a preliminary design board via my client portal within a few  weeks, and you’ll be able to provide feedback at that time. Anytime you send an email with questions or feedback, you will receive a response within 24 hours      (Monday-Friday). Timely responses from you will ensure the best experience for your E-Design project. With good communication we can put together the finalized design plan in just a few weeks.

   Once your design plan has been completed and you have verified that you like all the selections, you will receive a final design package which includes:

  • A Concept Board with the items we have sourced on your behalf
  • A 3D design board, visualization of what your space will look like with the recommended furniture and decor
  • A floor plan to show a bird’s eye view of the room layout with the furniture placement we recommend
  • A shopping list with links to purchase the recommended items for your space along with the ordering specifications like colour and sizes
  • Paint colour recommendation scheme
  • Our Recommendations summarized for you to help you implement your design successfully

   Finalized design plans are delivered to our clients via Postal services in hard copy for their reference, they are also emailed and available to our clients online for up to (1)year.

     Find out more about E-Design

     Go to the Frequently Asked Questions page for more details.