E-Design Process

Step 1 → Take a short survey to assess the needs of your project.

This helps us understand the scope of your project, style, budget and wish list. The more specific you can be the better for the success of your project. If you have any special requests, please use the short answer areas to provide details.

Go to the Survey


Step 2 → Purchase your Package

If your package has been customized, you’ll receive and invoice from Rooms2Rooms. Payment must be received before the design phase begins.

Go to the Purchasing Page


Step 3 → Send Photos

Send Photos of the room from all angles and a floor plan of the room to ctcheon@rooms2rooms.com

The plan can be a simple manually drawn sketch, please include dimensions of all your walls and ceiling height, measurement of the doorways and windows as well as any important architectural elements such as crown mouldings. It is helpful to provide the North/South direction on your drawing (see example below):


How to draw a basic room sketch
1. Label lengths of walls segments, doors, windows, openings, stairs etc.
2. Measure each segment and label it identifying the measurements of each label as illustrated below
3. Take a photo or scan your sketch and email to ctcheon@rooms2rooms.com



Step 4 → Send Inspiration Photos

Find pictures of rooms you like and either send the link or actual pictures to ctcheon@rooms2rooms.com and an invitation to collaborate with us. This is a very important part of the process and helps us understand your style and determine what you like and do not like.