E-Design Process


Thank you for your interest in Rooms2Rooms, you have selected E-Design. Please proceed with the first few steps in the process:

Step 1 → Create a client profile.

This will provide us with some basic information and will allow you to log back into the system to communicate on your project details.

Create a Profile


Step 2 → Purchase E-Design Package

Please take a look at the available E-Design packages below.  Once you have made your choice, please login into your portal to purchase the package.

Available E-Design Packages

• Single Room E-Design $750 plus 5% GST
• Single Room E-Design in an open concept multi room space $900 plus 5% GST
• Packaged Open concept multi room E-Design ($2000 plus 5% GST up to 500 sq.ft., each additional square foot is $3.95 per square foot, plus 5% GST)